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Elite Clinical Studies Principal Investigators

Joseph L. Lillo, D.O., FNLA, CPI Board Certified Family Practice / Lipidology
Brent C. Sanders, M.D. Board Certified Otolaryngology
Jeffrey R. Hoodin, M.D. Board Certified Internal Medicine
David N. Mowbray, M.D. Board Certified Dermatology

Elite Clinical Studies Staff

Richard G. Saine, BS Managing Partner/ Contract/ Advertising
Diane J. Saine, CCRC Managing Partner/ Marketing Specialist/ Lead CCRC/ Spirometry Technician
Nicole Ossino Director of Administration/ Regulatory Specialist/ Monitoring Manager
Aimee Thornton Director of Operations/ IP Manager
Jolie Brooks, MSEd, BS, BSHA, BSBA Clinic Director/ Laboratory Manager/ Lead CRC/ Spirometry Technician
Debbie Heavey Dedicated Recruiting Manager
Ranelle Smith, RN Quality Assurance Director/ CRC
Tanya M Jess, CMA EDC Manager/ Participant Liaison
Amanda Navarro, CMA Clinical Trial Manager/ Lead CRC/ Spirometry Technician
Stephanie Hernandez, CMA Lead CRC/ Spirometry Technician
Evette San-Miguel, CMA Lead CRC/ Spirometry Technician
Noeli Salazar, CMA Lead CRC
Michelle Muir, CMA, EMT Dedicated Recruiter