Do You Suffer From Severe Asthma Attacks?

Severe asthma attacks, called exacerbations, require treatment with oral corticosteroids or emergency room visits. If your severe asthma symptoms are not controlled by available medicines, you may be interested in a research study for an experimental asthma drug.

Elite Clinical Studies are now enrolling volunteers with the goal of reducing the occurrence of asthma attacks in people who have severe asthma. You can help researchers learn about an experimental medicine that may control severe asthma.

If you (or your child who is at least 12 years old) have had at least two episodes of worsening asthma symptoms in the last year that required treatment with oral corticosteroids (like prednisone) or a hospital stay, you may qualify to take part in the
LUSTER 1 or 2 studies.*

There will be no financial costs to you for participating. You will not be charged for the study drug(s) or any of the tests and procedures performed solely for research purposes.

* Women who are pregnant or breast feeding a baby may not take part in these studies.

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